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Minibus Hire Sheffield

Whenever you are travelling, especially if you are going to a location that you are not familiar with, the major concern that most of us have is how to get around the place. Here is where things like maps and car hire services come up. If you are travelling in a large group, there is need to find a more reliable form of transport since depending on public means of transport might leave you in problems. Here is where we come in handy. We will give you a large vehicle that will adequately fit the group of people that you are travelling with so kiss away your worries and contact us for the best deal.

Another reason that shows our determination to ensure the convenience of our clients is the variety of the services that we give. We know that each of our clients has their own individual needs and expectations and this is why we offer our services in a wide variety. We have made sure that every Sheffield minibus that we own is in the best condition and they have varying seat capacity so that we will be able to accommodate groups of people of different sizes. This varying seat capacity in our minibuses also helps our clients cut costs since they will not hire a vehicle that will cost them more and go with extra seats unoccupied. In addition, we try our best to ensure that we provide cheap minibus hire services in Sheffield.

Another option that our clients get to choose from is whether or not to go for a self-driven minibus or a minibus with a driver. Depending on the nature of the trip and the preference of the clients each of these services may be appropriate in different set ups. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you don't have a qualified driver in your group or none of you is willing to drive, then you might want to go for the coach or minibus with a driver. This service is also ideal for the foreign visitors because with a driver, they will not have to bother themselves with the map trying to figure out which route is the best one for them. All that will be required of them is establishing the destination, communicating it to the driver, and sitting back to enjoy the tour. It is also cheaper since you will get good fuel consumption for the trip by selecting the right routes, something that might not be possible when you are driving the coach or minibus yourself due to the high likelihood of getting lost on the way. Getting lost will cause you to spend more on fuel as you try to find your way back to the right track.

On the other hand, the self-drive Liverpool minibus option that is available from us is convenient for groups that are more concerned about the privacy. If you are going for a confidential meeting and you feel like it will be necessary to discuss some of the topics as you travel, this is the best option for you since even the driver will be a team member so there are minimal chances of the information leaking. This option is also cheaper than the Sheffield minibus with a driver since if you choose to have a driver, you will have to pay more to cater for his/her earnings. However, you will have to figure out the route to use, something that might make the trip slower and sometimes more costly.

Minibus Hire Sheffield has coaches and minibuses that are all from top vehicle manufacturers hence they will most likely make your trip worthwhile. They are loaded with many features that will make your trip a success. These features are like the air conditioners, drink coolers, modern entertainment systems, comfortable seats and security measures like GPS tracking systems that will help us to monitor any suspicious movements to ensure that we keep you safe and secure at all times. These vehicles are very well maintained to ensure that they do not give you as our client any problems in your trip in Sheffield.

Another one of our services is the Sheffield airport cheap minibus hire service. We know that many of our clients enter Sheffield through the airports. It would be very wrong if we make our clients struggle in finding their way to our headquarters from the airport, especially if they are new in the area. To save your precious time, we provide you with a Sheffield minibus to take you right from the airport and this same minibus takes you back to the airport after your trip. We can also arrange accommodation for you but you will have to let us know some days before your day of arrival and you will find everything ready.

From touring the famous Harthill Village hall to shopping at the Farmers’ Market in Creswell, Sheffield has a lot to offer for local and visiting travellers. However, getting around the adventurous district can be a challenge especially if you travelling in a group. At Minibus Hire Sheffield, we specialize in offering hassle-free minibus hire services. We offer a variety of standard and premium vehicles in different sizes, giving you the freedom to choose an ideal package for your travel needs and budget. With our 18 seat minibus, you can comfortably transfer your team to and from any event or occasion within Rotherham or any other area in Sheffield.

Why Use Minibus Hire Sheffield Services

  • Keep your team together - group harmony is very important when you are travelling together. With a private minibus hire, you can be sure that everyone will arrive at the destination at the same time without cases of some getting lost or late. Moreover, you can discuss your day’s activities in private.

  • Enough space for everyone - you can choose from a range of our spacious vans depending on the size of your group and amount of luggage. You can even pick two 14 seater minibus to ensure that nobody or anything is left behind.

  • Cost sharing - Fueling several cars can be very expensive. Our minibus hire rates are relatively low and you can save more by sharing the cost among the passengers in the team. It is the cheapest travel option for various occasions including weekend matchday at Barnsley or a family tour in Woodsett.

  • Free travel advice - We have been serving the Sheffield community for many years and we understand the area more than anyone else. Besides, our travel experts are kind enough to provide free tips that would make your trip a magical experience.

  • Additional free treats - For instance, when you hire a 10 seater van for Clowne to airport transfer, we offer baby safety seats making it convenient to travel with your kids. Moreover, we have discounts for our 16 seater minibus hire package which is suitable for corporate or VIP transfer.

We Offer Comfort as a Standard

Whether you are planning for a long journey from Barlborough to Harlington or a shorter distance to Dronfield on the West, your comfort is always our concern. Each of our vehicle that you pick for your trip, 18 or even the regular 8 seat vans are customized for both long and short journeys. We only operate new vehicles, fitted with luxury seats, spacious leg space and raised rooves with a luggage rack. This means that you will travel hands-free and relax throughout your trip.

Safe Holiday Trips Around Tideswell

Our 12 seater minibus hire is a great and the safest option for group vacation tours in Sheffield. Whether you are coming from your home in Bramley, Rotherham or from your Stavely hotel room, our drivers will ensure that you get safely. Our drivers have a clean accident and incident record so you can relax and enjoy your ride.  Further, our vehicles are inspected before departure to ensure that they are safe for your travel. We also have standby mechanics in strategic locations like Chesterfield to attend to any technical issue, which rarely occurs. We have also invested in modern vehicles that can get around the hilly Baslow with ease.

Book Your Private Minibus Hire Now

Are you planning for an academic trip to Hathersage? Or you have a business meeting with your partners near Keveton Park? Book one of our executive minibus to travel in style and safety. We also cover travel needs from Oughtibridge and its neighbourhood. Call our travel experts to schedule your trip in and within Sheffield.

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